Success Stories

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Nikita Konshak
Private Pilot

Nikita started her career in aviation during the Fall of 2011 and earned her Private Pilot 
Certificate in December of 2012.  She is working on her Bachelor’s Degree at CAVU Flight Academy online from Utah Valley University (UVU) School of Aviation Sciences and is also enrolled in the Instrument Training Program at CAVU.  Nikita is following her dream is to fly executives of the corporate world.





Darin Spindler
Private Pilot

As a business owner of a marketing firm, Darin
was motivated to learn to fly to accommodate
 the growing demands of his company.  He started his quest in the Fall of 2011, earned his Private Pilot License, and is now working on his Instrument Rating.  Since earning his license, he has purchased a single engine airplane, which assists in meeting with his clients around the USA.





Larry Fergusen
Private Pilot

Following retirement, Larry came to CAVU Flight Academy to earn his Multi-Engine Rating.  He went on to purchase a small jet to enhance his retirement activities.







Greg Swanson
Private Pilot

Greg‘s a graduate University Wisconsin Green Bay and is interested in an aviation career as a Commercial Pilot. He is a student at the UVU School of Aviation Sciences and is enrolled in flight training provided by CAVU Flight Academy. Greg started his training in February of 2012 and soloed his first flight in June of 2012. Greg received his Instrument Rating in less than one year.





Grant Gorman
Instrument Pilot

Grant fell in love with flying while pursuing his
business degree at Winona University.  He
enrolled at CAVU Flight Academy, and earned
his Private Pilot and Instrument Rating in January, 2013 making corporate aviation his career.  Grant is working toward becoming a Certified “CFI
 Flight Instructor” (CFI) at CAVU.  When asked what 
flying feels like, he replied, “Feels like fun!”




cavu AviationJason Marcks
Airline Pilot

Jason’s passion for flight started in 1998 during his career as a science educator in Aerospace Education. Jason was also on the short list in 2007 for a spot in the Educator Astronaut program.  He earned his Certified Flight Instructor Certificate (CFI) in 2009 and did Flight Instruction at CAVU Flight Academy. He started his airline career in May of 2011.

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