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CAVU offers quality, well-maintained and fully equipped aircraft rentals. Call: (920) 482-0929


Cessna 172 (N6794H)

The Cessna 172 is full IFR with a Garmin 650 GPS/ILS/VOR receivers and a 4-place intercom. This aircraft is also ADS-B equipped. Weekend or extended rentals are available, with a 2 hour per 2-day minimum.






CE-172 (N6794H)

The N6794H is a Cessna-172 with a Garmin 650 GPS having weather and TCAS for traffic advisories.






Cessna 150 (N6966S)

The Cessna 150 is a vintage 1960’s model C-150H and is a full IFR.






Savage Cruiser Light Sport Airplane (N866LA)

The Savage Cruiser is a 2-place “taildragger”. It fits into the Light Sport Aircraft category, so it’s perfect for training for your LSA Pilot License.  If you already have a Private Pilot’s License, it’s the perfect choice if you would like to add your Tailwheel Endorsement.

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